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Welcome to the future of sustainable sourcing and a better afterlife for your unwanted electronics.

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What We Do

IT Asset Disposition

We tag, track and process electronics for refurbishing, reselling or recycling.

Data Destruction

We guarantee the safe destruction of sensitive data, with unbroken chain of custody and options

Electronics Recycling

We completely teardown every item to recover valuable commodities and precious metals while diverting toxins from the environment.

Impact Reporting

We validate the positive impact of your Urban Mining with our custom Impact Report, a Certificate of Destruction.

Tech Rescue

The Urban Mining Tech Rescue Team services, repairs & sells PCs, Macs, Tablets, Smartphones & Parts

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Why We Do It

The impact of current eWaste disposal is taking a catastrophic toll on the environment and human life, and it’s only getting worse.

20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed worldwide every year, yet only 12.5% of eWaste is currently recycled. eWaste is the fastest growing municipal waste stream in America, according to the EPA

The lost opportunity cost to re-source precious metals and plastics within the technology supply chain is costing us billions.

Every 20 minutes the US discards one ton of cell phones containing over 70 times the amount of gold and silver found in virgin ore

Our proprietary technology fuels a safe process to divert hazardous toxins and plastics from landfills and reduce the need for mining natural resources like gold, silver and other rare earth minerals.

Why It Matters

You Can Disrupt an Ugly Process

Electronics recycling has earned a dirty reputation. We’re doing our part to disrupt the ugly process with our commitment to environmental sustainability, transparent downstream management and attention to data security; but the disruption starts with your decision to skip the status quo and choose a responsible electronics recycling partner.

You Can Fight Tech Waste with Tech Smarts

We’re outsmarting electronics recycling. In our state of the art recycling facility and on-site Innovation Lab we’re pushing science and exploring new technologies that mitigate the problems with current eWaste disposal and reduce the need to further deplete natural resources. As the region’s only e-Steward Certified Electronics Recycler, in 2016 we will also become the first fully contained, solar powered electronics recycler in the United States.

You Can Demand Accountability

We operate as a Public Benefit Corporation & certified B-Corp while maintaining our corporate purpose to create a material and positive impact on society and the environment. As a PBC, we are legally obligated to consider the impact of corporate decisions not only on shareholders but also on workers, our community, and the environment. We pass that accountability on to our partners through our Urban Mining Impact Report (example).

You Can Pay it Forward

We make a commitment to improving the lives of children by empowering them with access to online information and education. Since 2010, The Urban Mining Corporate Social Responsibility Program has delivered solar powered computer labs, refurbished electronics and computing classes to underdeveloped communities in the Dominican Republic. With your partnership, we contribute to a brighter future for children around the world.